Adhesive, CA (Cyanoacrylate)

Aesthetic Considerations

Air Gap Adjustment, Small Engine Magneto Ignition

Anchoring in Concrete or Masonry Block

Ashtray, Portable Personal

Backyard Archaeology

Backyard Archaeology II

Baffle, Glare

Ball Valve, Garden Hose

Barbeque Burner Valves

Barbeque Flashback Prevention

Barbeque Knob Repair

Barbeque Heat Distribution Tent Reconstruction

Battery Replacement -- 1999 Ford Ranger

Bearing, Rag

Belt Repair

Belt Repair II

Belt Sander/Grinders

Belt, Serpentine -- Replacement

Bicycle Cable Jacket Cutting

Bicycle Crank Cotter Pin Removal

Bicycle Pedal Overhaul

Birdbath Stake

Bird Feeder Base Pan Repair

Birdhouse Hanging Eye Failure

Boo-Boo, Window Blind

Bottle Jack

Bourdon Tube

Bracket, Thermometer

Briggs & Stratton Model 9S502 -- Carburetor And Fuel Tank Removal

Broken Weld Repair

Bubble Level

Buckle Repair, Snap-, Plastic

Burst Pipe (as from freezing water)

Button Repair

Caliper, Vernier

Carousel, Small Parts

Centreless Disc Turning

Centre Punch Sharpening

Chain Saw, Poulan PLN 1514

Chain Saw, Poulan 1420

Chevy Aveo Air Filter Cover Fasteners Repair

Chuck, Scroll, Reverse Running

Clamp, Band

Clamp, Clothespin

Clamping, Gravity

Coffee Maker Repair

Coleman Stove Lid Latch

Compression Fittings

Corkboard Hinged To A Shelving Unit

Cotter Pin Installation Method, Improved

Coupling, Copper Pipe Trial Assembly

Coupling Nut Application, Unorthodox

Coupling Nuts

Cover, Battery Compartment, Lego R/C Dune Buggy

Crimping Dies, Ferrule

Crossbar, Refitting a Big Gate's

Cummins Fixmaster 1/4" Drill Teardown

Cut-Off Wheels, Dremel


Door, Bi-Fold, Installation

Drain Auger Rental

Drain Clean-Out Plug Removal

Dresser, Grinding Wheel

Drill Press Depth Stop, Quick-Set

Drive Attachment, Right Angle

Elephant Cleaning


Fastener, Mystery

Fasteners, Stainless Steel

Faucet, Hose

Faucet, Moen Lavatory

Faucet Test Fixture

Feeler Gauge Use

Fender Washers

Ferrule Crimping

Filler, Expanding Foam

Filter, Furnace

Fiskars Pruning Stik Jam Proofing

Flashlights, LED

Flashlights, LED, Flaky

Flooring, Parquet

Flour Sifter Repair

Fork, Garden

Fuse, Antique

Garage, My Dad's

Garbage Pail, Kitchen

Garden Hose Ball Valve

Garden Hose Fitting Seat, Distorted, Swaging

Garden Hose Purge Coupler

Gauge, Temperature, Furnace Hot Air Plenum

Gender Changer, Garden Hose, Male-to-Female

Glue Gun Failure

Grinder, 6" Bench, Restoration

Grinding Wheel Dresser 

Hammer, Slide

Handle, Frying Pan

Handle, Frying Pan, Revisited

Handle, Saucepan or Frying Pan

Handle, Spatula, Ceramic

Hanger, Floor Jack 

Hanger, Masking Tape

Heater, Electric, Modification

Heater, Noma Model APH209W

Hinge Mortise Defect Correction

Holster, Hatchet

Hoover portapower Vacuum Cleaner Overhaul

Hose Reel, Leaky

Hose, Shop-Vac, Parking


Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Press Ram Adaptation

Innards, Toothbrush, Electric

Inside, What's?


Jack, Hydraulic

Jack Lever, Stubby

Jack, Screw Bottle

Jump-Starting a Vehicle

Key, Lathe Chuck, Speedy

Knife, Sheath, Ill-Kept

Knob, Wooden, Stripped-Out

Labels, Removing

Lamination, An Aid to

Lamp Swivel-Base Repair

Latch, Gate, Modification

Lathe Restoration, Spindle-Turning

Lathe Spindle Lock

Lathe, Spray-Painting

Lathe, Wood, Delta Midi

Lawnmower Blade Removal And Sharpening

Lawnmower Control Cable Repair

Lawnmower -- Front Wheel Drive V-Belt Replacement

Lawnmower Revivification

Lawnmower -- Seized Front Wheel Drive Wheels

Lawnmower, 20", Sears Craftsman

Layout and Centre Punching Aids

Leash, Chuck Key

Lengthening Stakes

Level, Bubble

Lever, Flush, American Standard

Lexicon -- Backlash/Lash

Lexicon -- Battery/Cell

Lexicon -- Mil

Lexicon -- Vice/Vise

Light, Patio, Repair Of Broken

Machinist's Aid, CA Adhesive As A

Magic Chef Gas Stove Repair

Magic Chef Gas Stove -- Stovetop Burners

Magnets, Rare-Earth

Magnifier Lamp Lens Replacement

Mandrel Turning, Wood Lathe

Measure, Fractional Inch

Meter, Moisture

Micrometer Zeroing


Moen Cartridge Removal

Motor, 3/4 hp, 3,450 rpm


MTD Yard Machines 31cc String Trimmer -- Carburetor Removal

Muffler Hanger Repair

Mystery Fastener

Nails, Half-Inch

Napoleon Travel Q Grill

Noma Gran Prix Snow Blower -- Carburetor Service

Noma Gran Prix Snow Blower Maintenance

Notebook Fabrication

Nut Plate

Nut, Wood Screw Thread

Nuts, Coupling

Nuts, Sleeve

Oil Change, Cold Weather

Oil Removal Apparatus

Pants Hanger Repair

Peerless Pop-Up Basin Plug, Deleting

Phillips vs. Pozidriv

Pins, Roll

Pin Vise

Pin Vise Improvement

Planters, Wooden, Repair Of

Pot Handle Insulator, De-Laminated

Pressed Leaves Frame Repair

Press, Garment Snap-Fastener 

Pressure-Test Fixture, Faucet


Prop, Campstove Propane Bottle

Pruning Shears Pivot Replacement

Puller Truing

Pumice Stone Brush Repair

Purge Coupler, Garden Hose

P205/75R14 Spare Tire -- 1999 Ford Ranger

Queen Anne Table Legs

Retention Strip, Paving Stone

Reverse Scroll Chuck Operation

Reversing A Non-Reversible Induction Motor -- Why It's So Difficult


Right Angle Drive Attachment

Ring Lag Restoration

Roll Pins

Ryobi 10" Table Saw (BTS12S) Overhaul

Ryobi 10" Table Saw (BTS12S) Stand

Safety -- A Cautionary Tale


Sandblaster, Mini

Sanding Board

Saw, Portable Circular, Truing

Screw-Eye, Salvaged

Screws, Wing

Sears Craftsman Model No. 103.24241 8" Table Saw


Serpentine Belt Replacement

Sharpening, Scissor

Shears, Pruning -- Pivot Replacement

Shelf Material, Novel

Shepherd's Hook Modification

Shims/Spacers of Odd Thickness

Shim Stock

Shopmate Model 748B

Sifter, Flour (A Repair)

Sleeve Nuts

Sleeving with Brass Tubing

Slide Hammer

Spatula Repair

Splicing A Lawnmower Throttle Cable

Spoon, A Huge Rusty

Spray Paint Can Nozzle Maintenance

Spray-Painting Lathe

Spur Centre Installation, 'Centreless'

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stake, Birdbath

Stakes, Lengthening

Stand, Bicycle

Stand, Micrometer

Stepstool, Old And Rough

Strain-Relief, Line Cord Wiring

String Trimmer Vising

Switch Failure, Push-Button

Switch Knob Repair

Switch, Miniature IDC

Switch Repair, Rotary

Switch, Replacement, Articulated Lamp

Table Saw, Ryobi 10"

Table, Side

Table Top Replacement

Tap, Cube, Polarizing An Old

Tecumseh Oil Drain Plug, Broken-Off

Tecumseh Primer Bulb Crud

Tecumseh Primer Bulb Installation Tool

Tecumseh TVS90 Carburetor Teardown

Tecumseh TVS90 Governor -- Static, Baseline Adjustment

Tecumseh TVS90 Kill Switch Operation


T-FAL Ultraglide Plus

Thermocouples, Gas Furnace

Thermometer Bracket

Tilt/'Bevel' Mechanism, Ryobi 10" Table Saw (BTS12S)

Toilet Won't Stop 'Filling'

Trimmer For Protruding Dowel And Plug Ends

Tripod Mount, Camera, Elevated

Truing a Portable Circular Saw

Truing a Puller 

Tubes Of Sealants, Recapping

Tubing As A Repair Material

Turntable, Spray Painting

Twist Drill Shank Modifications

Uneconomical To Repair

Valve, Ball, Garden Hose

Valves, Drain, Air Compressor

Valves, Gas

Venetian Blind Installation and Shortening

Vernier Caliper

Vise Advice

Vise, Pin

Vise, Pin, Improvement

Vise, Woodworking, N. Slater Co. Ltd.


Walbro Model WT-682 Carburetor -- Diaphragms Replacement

Washers, Back-Up, for 3/32" Hollow Rivets

Washers, Countersunk

Washers, Fender

Water Heater Draining

Watering Can Repair

Water Valve Seat Restoration

Weed Digger Restoration

Weed Eater FeatherLite SST Fuel Tank

Weed Eater FeatherLite SST -- Zama Carburetor Removal

Weed Eater FeatherLite SST -- Zama C1U Carburetor Diaphragms Replacement


Wen Model 21 Engraver Repair

Wheel, Paleolithic

Whirlpool Dishwasher Won't Drain

Whirlpool Dryer -- Drum Belt Access

Whirlpool Washer Won't Drain

Window Repair, Storm Door

Wing Screw, Broken

Wing Screws

Winterizing a Tecumseh Lawnmower Engine

Wire, Fine Mechanic's

Wire-Twist Repair

Wire Wheel Machine

Work Habits -- Picking Up And Putting Away

Workmanship -- On Paying Attention

Workmate, Auxiliary Bench Top for

Work -- Skill vs. Ineptitude

Wrench (Spanner), 19/32"

Writing, Technical I

Writing, Technical II

Zeroing a Micrometer

1B1X Lever Broken

# # #