Sunday, January 23, 2011

Side Table

Some years ago, I found two of these stands discarded by an industrial building right near where I work. I have no idea what their original function was.

Whoever made them did a masterful job, and didn't scrimp on material; they're steel tubing and 6mm thick steel plate, with perfectly countersunk holes for the M8 flathead screws that hold them together. Each stand weighs sixteen pounds.

Their height was about right for a side table to go with my La-Z -Boy, and for certain they could support a mug of coffee without collapsing, so I added casters and fabricated a table top and voila, just the thing to enhance my goofing off time:

I tried to find more attractive casters, but had to settle for conventional ones because of the very limited space I had at the corners of the base triangle for attaching them. All in all, though, not a bad outcome.

I've finally gotten around to commencing a table top for the second stand. I'll append a photograph when it's done.

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