Following are abbreviations and conventions used in the blog:
  • A/F = across flats. Usually this refers to the size of a hex nut or a hex head on a bolt, as in '8mm A/F' or '9/16" A/F'.
  • aka = also known as
  • A/R = as required.
  • CW = clockwise
  • CCW =counterclockwise
  • 'left' and 'right' always refer to an operator/user's left and right as he or she operates/uses the subject machine/contrivance/what-have-you.
  • PCA = Printed Circuit Assembly
  • 'screw' means machine screw.
  • thou = thousandth of an inch
  • 'threading screw' means a coarse-threaded thread-forming screw as is used in plastic or with a Tinnerman nut.
  • w/ = with
  • w/o = without
  • YZD = yellow zinc dichromate, a yellow-coloured plating used on many fasteners. 
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