Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vise Advice

Here's something to watch out for should you be shopping for a mechanic's vise. It's a little undesirable feature that you'd be unlikely to notice until you'd installed the vise and begun making use of it.

In the following photograph is my elderly No.3 Record vise gripping a length of 7mm square rod held vertically. Note that the lower end of the rod clears the front of the base of the vise -- the front face of the rear jaw is forward of the vise's base. That's as it should be.

But here's the same rod held the same way in a no-name vise from off-shore that's at my workplace.


That 'feature' would drive me right 'round the bend if it were in my workshop. There are countless times that a long piece of work needs to be held vertically and be clear of the vise's base all the way down.

Something to watch out for and avoid.

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