Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shim Stock

If you have a job to do like installing a door casing, you'll need to have some shimming material on hand for positioning and plumbing and levelling the components. Tapered cedar shakes are ideal if you can find them. Owing to their wedge shape, two can be slid together to create a variable thickness shim. (For an explanation of shakes/shingles, go here. As for finding suitable ones, I got a bundle of them once at the Home Depot, but that was years ago. They may or may not still carry them.)

Fixed thickness shim stock is also handy. I collect suitable stuff as I spot it. An example is the plywood sides and ends of the little crates that clementine oranges come in. The plywood is 3mm thick, and not bad quality.

The cardboard in much retail packaging is often of excellent quality; very smooth and quite dense. I keep a bin of it in the shop, and toss in good pieces as they turn up.

Shim stock is everywhere, you just have to see it for what it is.

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