Sunday, December 13, 2009


Welcome to Rouge River Workshop. Don't expect much. This project may or may not ever amount to anything. I'd like it to be a place where I can share really sound, useful information about tools, materials, fasteners and methodology.

I mean for this blog to be a bullshit-free zone. You will never find an item here titled something like, "Build This Half-Acre, Three-Level Deck in One Weekend With Only a Nail File and a Hammer". And if you ever catch me posting any bits of 'plausible but unsubstantiated orthodox bullshit', by all means tear a strip off me for it. (And I'll mostly keep it clean, but occasionally, 'bullshit' is the word that's called for so I use it.)

This place is going to be long on words and short on illustrations until I can acquire the gear I need, like a camera and a flat-bed scanner.

By the way, I'm on no one's payroll here. If I mention or seem to endorse a particular vendor or product, I do it for the sake of being informative, not to sell stuff. I have no use for magazine articles that don't tell me how to get something that's new to me, or who makes it, out of some bogus prissiness about not sullying editorial content with commerce. And I won't hesitate to draw attention to shoddy goods or questionable business practices.

Anyway, drop by now and then. Someday, I might even explain the curious line below the blog's title.



As a boy, I was much taken with American publications like Popular Mechanics and Mechanix Illustrated. To see the things that could be done with tools and materials conveyed on the printed page delighted and fascinated me, and I long harboured an ambition to create such material. In the corporate lay-off spasms of the early nineties, I had an opportunity to pursue that ambition and had some modest, fleeting success at it. But the imperatives of a steady pay cheque and keeping an old truck running took me away from it.

But now we have the internet and Blogger, and they've provided me a means of creating what I've long dreamt of -- my own workshop magazine. The only downside is that the money is pathetic, but there's a huge upside for me -- no editor(s), or at least, I'm the editor, every last one of them. What I publish here can stand or fall on its own merits, without the dubious benefit of having been vetted or improved upon by my intellectual betters.

So there you have it, Rouge River Workshop is an aging boomer's boyhood dream realized, such as it is. Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think of it.

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