Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Half-Inch Nails up the Wazoo

If you take up wall-to-wall carpeting from a floor, you end up with quite a supply of these spiky little strips from the perimeter of the floor. They're 1/4" poplar plywood with lots of 1/2" nails driven through them at an angle to grip the edges of the carpeting that's stretched over them.

My son did me the favour recently of taking up the carpeting from the master bedroom in our home, in preparation for the installation of a hardwood floor. I have a box full of the stuff now. If I take the time to pull all those little nails, I'll be a half-inch nail tycoon. Plus, I'll have some nice kindling for the fireplace.

- - -

And the better part of two hours later, here we are. I have an excellent little heap of half-inch common nails, and a smaller heap of 3/4" ringed nails. (The 3/4" ringed nails were used to fasten the strips to the floor.) Not a bad deal for the price. I won't be writing "half-inch nails" on my list of stuff to buy at Canadian Tire anytime soon.

And here's my kindling.

I've made out like a bandit here.

I won't be counting the nails; that's management's job, and there ain't no management around here, only labour.

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