Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Elevated Camera Tripod Mount

I quite like the Sony camera I got recently, but it has one little feature that's occasionally a slight inconvenience. Access to the memory card is at the bottom of the camera, so when the camera is mounted on a tripod, you can't get the memory card out to check a photograph on the laptop without dismounting the camera. Sometimes, I'd like to leave a tripod setup completely undisturbed while I check on the outcome of a photo.

I made up this extension to solve that.

It does the job. The only downside is that the batteries want to slide out when I go to get the memory card, but that's not difficult to cope with.

Camera tripod mounting is standardized. The screw thread needed is 1/4"-20, which is as common as gravel. The thread depth on both my Sony and my Kodak is just over 1/4" -- that depth is very likely standard as well.

So, all it took to make this was two coupling nuts, one regular nut, a fender washer and a 1 13/16" length of threaded rod. Here's a view of it apart from the camera.

Tighten the nuts very tight and there's no need to use a threadlocker.

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