Saturday, February 11, 2012

Window Blind Boo-Boo -- or -- Way To Go, Home Depot

My wife got a venetian blind at the Home Depot just recently, for the last of our six basement windows that's been without a blind for far too long.

The blind was a ready-made 36" wide one. It needed to be 1 1/4" narrower than that, and the Home depot will cut them down for you on the spot. That's a nice service -- it gets you a blind that fits for considerably less money than a custom-made blind.

They had the correct dimension in mind, and wrote it on the box along with "No Return", like so.

Fair enough. Why would I want to return a blind that's been cut to fit our window perfectly?

Possibly because they goofed by over an inch.

We'll see how this plays out. I'll let you know.

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They replaced the blind -- no hassle. Now I'm out of excuses.
I have to install the thing.

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