Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some Observations on Workshop Blogging

I've been at this blog for quite a while now -- I began it in December of 2009. It's grown to be quite a body of work, and I'm mostly quite pleased with and proud of it [though I should quit using that modifier 'quite' so much].

Making oneself write about and photograph everything that one does in one's workshop is a salutary experience; it brings about favourable behaviours that the world at large might benefit from. Here are a few random thoughts in that vein:

On 'Speed':

Blogging slows you down, down to the speed at which you can document your progress at whatever you're progressing at. That speed seems to me to be exactly the right speed at which to progress. Western capitalism can take its 'time is money' ethos and blow it out of or shove it up whatever orifice it may care to; time is far too precious a commodity to squander on hurry.

If the speed at which you can blog is not fast enough, that's too bleeping bad. Maybe that's telling you that you've bitten off more than you can chew, and you need to back off and lighten up.

On Precision of Work/Precision of Thought/Precision of Word:

Those three are linked like chain links; blogging enforces the integrity of the linkage.

Knowing that everything you're about to do will have to be presented to the world in clear, concise and accurate words and pictures focuses the mind. This afternoon, I was working on a handle for a woodworking vise [scroll way down]. Because I meant to blog about the endeavour, I had to think it through very carefully beforehand. Doing that contributed to a fine outcome.

Blogless work is more inclined to be thoughtless, precisionless work.

- - -

It's late in the day and I've run out of steam here for now. I'll bear this post in mind, and perhaps return to it and add to it. This medium is a wonder. For me, it's a dream come true -- my own publication free of editors, bosses, gatekeepers and what-have-you. It can stand or fall on its merits, such as they may be.

Good night and best wishes,


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