Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pumice Stone Brush Repair

The loose pumice stone in the following photograph is not atypical; I've had to deal with this sort of thing before. Some makers of mass-produced goods are uninterested in making anything that actually works right; they're only interested in making facsimiles of stuff that might cause money to change hands in their direction. So, it comes as no surprise that my wife's newly-purchased pumice stone brush came apart.

Clear silicone sealant is ideal as an adhesive here. The sealant 'flows' into the stone's pores, and really gets a grip on it. The key to a permanent repair is to fully coat both mating surfaces with sealant before assembling the pieces. Here they are coated and ready for assembly.

And here it is back together, with what little squeeze-out there was wiped away.

And here it is set up with a gravity clamp while the sealant cures.

The hard-copy, bound book is not dead yet, not by a long shot.

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