Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wire Wheel Machine Enhancements

A long time ago, I wrote about the first wire wheel machine that I built for my workshop, and a second machine that I had meant to give to my son. It turned out that my son had no place at his home where he could possibly fit in a wire wheel machine, so I still have that machine, and need to either sell it or give it away.

In order to make the machine reasonably attractive to a potential buyer, I came up with a stand for it, and added a safety feature -- a belt guard for the front end of the v-belt and its pulley. here's a view of the machine on its stand without the belt guard.

And with the belt guard.

Now I need to paint the deck and the belt guard. The stand has rails at roughly the mid-point of the legs. Those rails could easily support a deck, to lend storage space to the stand. I'll see if I can scrounge up material for that.

A Mid-Point Deck

I happen to have a plank that I glued up from maple flooring long ago. It was something that didn't work out as planned, so the plank has been taking up space ever since. Fortunately, I can put it to good use here and be rid of it.

Here's a view of the shelf in place.

That allows the use of a fair bit of space that would otherwise be lost in the stand.

Getting a shelf like that installed in a stand that tapers upwards like this one does is not so easy. One leg has to come off completely in order to get the shelf in place.

I've marked fastener locations from underneath for bolts to secure the shelf to the short rails. (The rails already have holes suited to just such a purpose.) I'll take the shelf out, drill bolt holes, and do one more trial assembly with the proper fasteners. Then I can take the shelf out again, fill its defects, sand, prime and paint it.


I've painted the belt guard, the deck and the mid-point deck. Here are the photos I took for a Kijiji ad.

That's not a bad looking piece of machinery, if I do say so myself. We'll see what it fetches, if anything, ever.

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