Monday, August 8, 2016

An Ashtray Perch For The Table Saw Stand

I may be finally getting the hang of this retirement gig -- the approach to take is even if you have 'better', more pressing things to do in the workshop, just go ahead and do whatever damn well pleases you at the moment; it's liberating and fun.

In that spirit, I present my table saw stand ashtray perch.

Some explanation is perhaps in order.

The lilliputian 'office' portion of my workshop, where I write these things, is right by the front of my table saw. I've been putting my ashtray on top of the table saw, where it's reasonably handy to me just off to my left. But my table saw's table is fairly high (39" -- it's a bit of a reach up from my chair), and I have to relocate the ashtray whenever I need to use the saw.

So, in the interest of sound ergonomics, I made a perch for the ashtray that's mounted lower, at the front of the machine's stand. A bonus is that the ashtray is no longer in the way when I need use of the saw.

The perch is just a softwood disc that I turned on the lathe. It has a recess in its top that accepts the base of the ashtray securely. A 5/16"-18 tee-nut in the centre of its top recess fastens it to a threaded rod stud, like so.

It's quite a sturdy little arrangement that suits me fine

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