Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Four Hook Key Hanger With A Flaw

This is a not unattractive little piece of brass work.

But there's a problem with it; i.e. while the hanger provides four hooks for hanging keys on, there's no provision for a way to hang the hanger itself. I'll have to drill two holes for No. 4 brass screws, so I can attach the thing to a wall or something, and have the use of it. Here goes.

- - -


I had some empty space on a cleat under a tool cabinet, so there it went. Countersunk, flat head screws would have been nice, but I don't have any No. 4 brass ones, and No.6 would have been too large.

- - -

I found that key hanger in my next door neighbour's garbage, by the way. Now, before you go thinking, "Oh my God! The guy rummages through people's garbage for stuff -- his next door neighbour's yet. Has he no shame?", permit me to explain.

My neighbour had to be away for garbage-setting-out day, so he asked me to take care of his bin for him. I peeked inside the bin when I went to set it out, hoping there'd be room enough left for an item I wanted rid of, but didn't have space for in my bin. That's when I spotted the key hanger and snagged it. It's not like I was rummaging, ok?

Anyway, rummaging or not, people do throw away some pretty good stuff at times, and it's a shame to let it go to the landfill, surely.

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