Friday, August 26, 2016

A Line Cord Repair

The line cord's jacket has separated from its strain relief on my ancient Stanley belt sander, and strands of jacket filler are billowing out.

It looks awful, and it's not something I should neglect, so here goes with a repair.

The sander's handle is the connection box. Remove four obvious screws to open up the handle.

Note that the front-most screw is shorter than the others. Here's what's inside the handle.

The line cord presently installed is a replacement for the original, so the two wire nuts were originally top hat connectors.

And here we are with the line cord's jacket back in it's strain relief as it ought to be, and new connections made for inside the handle.

Now I can button that up and have the use of the sander back, at least until the next time the line cord needs attention.

- - -

Line cord failures are most likely to occur right near where the cord enters the appliance -- that tends to be where the line cord experiences the greatest amount of flexing. Right where the line cord joins its plug is another stressful spot that's liable to fail with prolonged use. Repair is easily effected, as it was in the example above.

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