Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tool Review -- Princess Auto Power Fist No. 8144727: 1/2" Keyed Chuck

I picked this up to go with an ancient wood lathe that I'm restoring.

Here's a better view out of the packaging.

The chuck is described as 1/2" capacity, but it's actually a 2 -13mm chuck -- same difference, really. The chuck fits 1/2"-20 spindles.

When I first tried closing the chuck by hand, there were tight spots that needed the key to be applied to get past. I thought, "Not another piece of junk that I'll have to return." That cleared up -- there must have been a bit of machining chaff in the works that cleared out. The chuck now opens and closes smoothly by hand.

I mounted the chuck on my lathe, and it runs true. All-in-all, not a bad deal for $19.99 CDN. If Princess Auto's Power Fist stuff were consistently of as good quality as this chuck, Princess Auto and its customers would both be better off.

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