Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tool Review -- Olson Saw No. 42101 5" Pin End Scroll Saw Files

Busy Bee carries these as their Cat. No. 42101 -- $10.99 CDN for the package of two.

Here's Olson's own description of the items:

"5in. long x .156in. wide x .056in. thick, pin end Olson Scroll Saw Files convert your scroll saw into a power sander! Pack of 2. Fine grit scroll saw files smooth, sand, shape, and correct even complex contours and forms, eliminating hand sanding in hard and soft wood, plaster, greenware, soapstone, and non-ferrous metals including copper and brass. Made from a durable tempered spring steel core coated with silicon carbide abrasive, they work in most scroll saws taking Pin End blades."

They do work as advertised, but the grit is quite fine. (No grit number is specified; I'd guesstimate it as finer than 220.) Don't expect aggressive material removal from these files.

I've only tried one out for cleaning up a band saw cut on some softwood end-grain. The result was ok, but it was slow-going. The file didn't seem to be inclined to clog, which is a good thing.

These files are for fine work. I imagine they'd do a nice job on soft metals.

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