Friday, January 13, 2017

An Angel

Height is almost 11"; head diameter is 2"; diameter at base is 2 7/8".

Body is lilac wood; wings are pine. Finish is a single application of tung oil.

Lilac is quite a dense wood. The thing weighs 17 ounces -- just over a pound.

I plagiarized the body/head profile from a picture I came across in Google Images. The wings are my own design. The big flaw at the base makes it an angel with a swirling skirt.

- - -

A friend of my sister-in-law's mentioned that she'd like to have an angel, so I set about making an angel. We'll see if she likes it. If she likes it, she's welcome to it. If not, it can stay here and be our house angel.

* * *

Update -- FRIDAY,  AUGUST 25, 2017

The wings came off.

I knew they were fragilely attached, but I thought they'd be ok so long as the angel was kept standing upright, and handled carefully. I suspect that the angel was stored for a spell on its back after it left my hands, and the stress on the wings was more than the glue joins could bear.

I bored 1/8" diameter holes through the narrowest portions of the wings, then re-glued the wings to the torso with CA adhesive. Once the adhesive had set (a few minutes) I bored the wing holes on into the torso 1/2" deep. Then I added dowel pins. The work shows, of course, but it's tolerable.

So now I have a re-winged angel that's only slightly more flawed than it was before.

- - -

This hasn't been a great success. I suspect that my sister-in-law wasn't much impressed by the angel, and she stashed it away and forgot about it until I asked after its fate. I doubt that the intended recipient ever saw the angel.

I don't think I'll return it to my sister-in-law. I'll just keep it here as our house angel.

# # #

# # #

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