Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tool Review -- Princess Auto Power Fist No. 8265167: 5' Tape Measure

I have a thing for inch-only tape measures, especially compact ones -- the modern trend toward great, huge bulky tape measures leaves me cold; I find the things awkward.

So I was quite taken by this little $1.99 tape measure that I came across at Princess Auto today.

It's an inch-only five foot tape measure with a 5/16" wide blade -- neat. Except that it must have been made on an off day. (To put a charitable spin on it.) The registration hook at the end of the tape is mispositioned by about 3/64", like so.

Not good enough. I'll return the thing the next time I'm in the store.

- - -

One can't help but wonder what the factory was thinking when it let these tape measures go out the door. The factory couldn't possibly not have known that the things were grossly defective, but it let them ship out to be sold as legitimate measuring tools.

One suspects that the factory might have a pretty low opinion of the tool-buying public. One fears that the factory's opinion may be well grounded.

It would be interesting to learn how many of these tape measures ever actually go into service as credible tools.

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