Monday, October 19, 2015

Ryobi RY09466 Leaf Blower Tear Down

I have an old Ryobi RY09466 leaf blower with an utterly worn out engine. It was a $2.00 garage sale find that didn't pan out, so it's pretty much landfill. (See this post for the back story, and some basic maintenance information.)

I've got plenty of time, and little else better to do, so I thought I'd tear the machine right down, and at least get a good look at its cylinder wall, to see what the damage looks like. Overhauling the engine is out of the question -- the parts, if I could even get them, would likely cost me at least as much as a new machine. But if I can learn more about small engine architecture, I'll be happy. So, here goes.

Here's a view of the complete machine as obtained.

Its external choke lever is broken off, and the air cleaner cover and filter element are missing. Judging by its very low compression, the machine has seen long service, and heaven only knows how long it was run without an air filter.

1) The Nozzle

Shown above is the nozzle in its latched position. The latching effect is very secure. I needed a big pair of Channellocks to twist the nozzle out of its latched position. Twist CCW (as viewed nozzle-output-end-on) to unlatch it from its studs, then pull it off.

2) The Right Side Engine Cover

Four No. 8 x 11/16" threading screws, and one M4 special shoulder screw (all T20 Torx recess).

3) Right Side Of Handle

Three No. 10 x 3/4" threading screws (T25 Torx recess). Watch out for a little steel rod part (a ground wire) at the top of the handle -- it will be free to fall out once you take away the right side of the handle.

4) Throttle Cable Disconnection

Throttle cable anchor removed from air cleaner body. (One M4x16mm pan head screw -- T20 Torx recess.) Throttle cable disconnected from throttle crank.

5) Kill Switch Disconnection

Two spade terminals.

6) Bottom Right 'Handle'

Two No. 10 x 1/2" truss head screws (T25 Torx recess).

7) Fuel Tank

[The above photo is in error -- the bottom right 'handle' shouldn't be there.]

Two fuel line connections:

- The front-most line connects to the lower carburetor nipple; that's the fuel supply tube.

- The rear-most line connects to the right side primer bulb nipple; that's the fuel return tube.

Three No. 10 x 3/4" pan head screws (T25 Torx recess).

8) Left Side Cover

Seven No. 10 x 3/4" pan head screws (T25 Torx recess); one latch.

9) Impeller

One 3/8" - 24 nylock hex nut (9/16" A/F). The nut is a right hand thread. Use an impact wrench to free it. NOTE the two oversize flat washers.

10) Impeller Housing W/Starter

Four M4x19mm cap screws in deep wells (T20 Torx recess). NOTE the sleeve and flat washer on the output shaft.

- - -

And there we have the engine free of its externalities.

I'll begin a new post for the engine tear down. This post is getting dangerously lengthy.

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    1. You're very welcome.

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