Sunday, October 18, 2015

Homelite 3514c Chain Saw -- Top Cover Removal

The top cover of the Homelite 3514c chain saw can be a bit obstinate, and the removal procedure given in the operator's manual is hogwash. Here's how to get the top cover off.

First, remove two No. 10 x 5/8" threading screws (T25 Torx recess). They're in deep wells at the rear corners of the cover.

The remaining hindrance to removal is a difficult-to-see hook & stud at the front left of the cover. Here's the best I can do to illustrate how that's dealt with.

You have to get a screwdriver into the sweet spot between the hook, and the left side of the cover. Twist/pry and the little stud on the cover will snap free of the hook, freeing the cover.

Here's a view of the hook & stud that make top cover removal difficult on this machine.

Getting the cover back on is not so easy, either. It tends to fight you at two places.

a) At the left front corner, in the vicinity of the hook & stud, there'll be an overlap that has to be forcefully overcome.

b) At the rear, by the primer bulb, there's a lip that may need to be coaxed into place.

And there we are. Put the two screws back in, and you're away.

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