Friday, September 13, 2013

The Mark III -- An Improved Masking Tape Hanger

Masking tape is exceptionally useful stuff. I keep it hanging on a dowel attached to a ceiling joist that's right above my workbench, like so.

Note that there are two rolls of tape -- a narrow one and a wide one. What you see in that photo is my Mark II tape hanger.

The Mark I tape hanger was shorter, and would only accommodate a single roll of tape; I kept a narrow roll on it. The hanger did what I needed it to, but I often needed wider tape, and would have to trek to the other end of the workshop to fetch it. That led me to create the Mark II tape hanger that you see in the above photograph.

Now, wouldn't you know it, it seems like every time I need the narrow tape, it's behind the wide roll, and every time I need the wide tape, it's behind the narrow roll. The solution is obvious -- a longer tape hanger that straddles the joist, so neither roll of tape need ever be behind the other; i.e. the Mark III.

- - -

Here's the Mark III ready for installation.

And here it is doing its job.

There. No more fumbling about for the appropriate width of tape.

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