Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Replacement Switch For An Articulated Lamp

[This is from the 'why didn't I think of this a long, long time ago?' department.]

- - -

I have an elderly articulated lamp that long ago had its rotary on/off switch fail. I didn't have a replacement rotary switch on hand, but I did have an in-line cord switch. I figured I'd save myself the cost of a replacement rotary switch (they're not cheap), and make good use of an idle spare switch that would do the job, if not as conveniently.

Anyway, I installed the in-line switch, and that has worked fine for many years now. Here's a view of the switch.

The only downside to that is that the switch is a little awkward to get at, but I seldom used the lamp so I lived with it that way.

Just recently, I've made a change to how and where I do certain things in the shop, and the lamp has become much more useful to me. The switch's awkward location is now an outright nuisance, and my attitude toward nuisances is that they ought to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

I happened to take a long look at the head of the lamp, and it dawned on me, "What's to stop me from relocating the in-line switch to that exposed short length of line cord up top?"

Absolutely nothing, that's what. So, I'll relocate the switch to where I should have put it in the first place.

- - -

And here we are.

Much better.

To reconnect the line cord where I removed the switch, I just installed a crimped butt splice, like so.

That may look a bit cheesy, but it's perfectly safe and secure

Anyway, that's well and truly done. I can get on with other things.

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