Monday, September 2, 2013

A Stripped-Out Wooden Knob

This item has been in service outdoors for years as a gate latch chain-pull. It's given me no trouble at all until just today, when its threaded insert pulled out.

It's a fine little bit of hardware, and in its intended, indoor environment, it would have lasted forever. But the elements outside got to it, and the brass threaded insert tore out. I'll put it back together with five minute epoxy, and see how many more years of abuse it can take.

- - -

Here it is reassembled with an epoxy-laden threaded insert interface. I'll leave that to cure overnight. (Five minute epoxy sets and hardens quickly, but it's still best to let it fully cure overnight before putting a repair in service.)

All Done

I sealed it with CA adhesive in a few places that looked like they could use it. Here it is back on the job for a few more years at least.

# # #

# # #