Thursday, September 12, 2013

A 'Nut' For A Wood Screw Thread

I have a hook that I want to install on a sheet metal leg of a shelving unit; it will give me a place to hang a vacuum cleaner accessory when it's not in use.

The threaded stud of the hook is No. 12  x 1 3/16". Here's a view of it.

(I cut back the vinyl cladding a bit from the screw to expose the 'shoulder' of the hook.)

What I need is for the wood screw thread to install much like a machine screw thread with a nut. A small block of hardwood and some spacer washers ought to give me what I need. Here goes.

- - -

Here are all the components rounded up and ready for installation. That little block of hardwood is, for all practical purposes, nothing other than a 'nut'. (The hex nut on the hook's shank is there as a spacer washer.)

And here's the hook installed and doing its duty.

# # #


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