Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gravity Clamping

No one really understands gravity, but no one really needs to. One can make good use of all manner of things that one doesn't actually understand -- e.g. magnetism.

No one really understands magnetism, either, but that doesn't get in the way of people making good use of the phenomenon. (Yes, there are 'theories'. Theories are a dime a dozen. I could come up with some specious theory that would serve as well as the 'legitimate' theories.)

It's a similar thing with gravity, and 'gravity clamping'. I don't need to understand gravity to put it to good use, as in gravity clamping.

Pictured above is a gravity clamp. The little stepstool needed 3mm thick shims added to its 'feet' at one end to level it. It's been sitting overnight with that gravity clamp holding it down firmly on the glued shims. Here's the outcome.

That turned out fine. My repairs to that stool are done.

So there we are. That's not the first time I've made use of a gravity clamp, and it won't be the last.

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Addendum -- TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2013

Here's a view of a gravity clamp application that just arose recently.

That's a simple frame being made up to contain some rack-mountable networking equipment. In the photo, the vertical member at the left has just been glued up and left clamped.

The post that that's from is here.

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