Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An Elderly Right Angle Drive Attachment

I brought this over from the garage.

It's very old, but it seems to be in fine condition. It probably never saw much use.

I'll dismantle it, clean it thoroughly and pack it with fresh grease.

- - -

The screw securing the rubber disc has a 7/16" hex head.

That came off easily.

The handle can go on either side -- the usual arrangement on these things.

Five 8-32 x 1/2" screws hold the casing together, and here we are.

The grease is in better condition than I expected it to be. Regardless, I'll give this a thorough cleaning and grease repacking.

- - -

Here it is all cleaned up.

That looks better.

There's some evidence of wear on the gear teeth -- not a lot. The shafts and bearings are in fine condition. I'll repack it with the pictured grease and reassemble it.

- - -

All Done --THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 2013

I wire-brushed and painted the disc's clamp washer. The casing is no longer grimy, but it still looks pretty bad. I don't imagine that anything short of sandblasting, or some chemical treatment I know nothing about, would restore the good appearance of the casing.

This can go in my storage room for now. I could acquire a buffing bonnet for it, and go polish the truck. Somehow, though, the thought of doing that just doesn't fill me with gleeful anticipation.

Anyway, I already have one of these that I use for drilling in tight spots.

That one's casing is made of nylon, I think. It's a decent piece of gear -- it's helped me out many times.

# # #

# # #