Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Paddle Switch -- Busy Bee Cat. No. B2416P

Paddle switches on workshop machines are a good idea; there's no groping about for a small toggle switch lever to shut down a machine, you just slap the paddle. So, when I saw Busy Bee's item[1] on special for $5.99 from the regular $9.99 I bought two -- one for my 10" table saw, and one for an antique 8" table saw that I'm restoring. Here's a view of a switch still in its package.

It's a bit of a challenge to install these things because of their shape and dimensions, but they can readily be made to fit a common surface-mount utility box like the Iberville BC1110.

You'll need a blank box cover like the Iberville BC11-C-4. Create a 21mm x 37mm rectangular opening[2] in the cover, like so.

That size of opening accepts the switch nicely.

The switch's terminals are 1/4" male spade terminals. Ordinary straight female spade terminals will work, but you'll have to bend things a bit to get the affair to fit inside the box, like so.

And here we are all buttoned up and ready to cut wood.

That's a big improvement over the toggle switch that was there before.

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[1] Busy Bee Cat. No B2416P is a SPST switch. There's also a DPST version, Cat. No. B2417P -- same price.

[2] The switch is made to metric dimensions, so I stated the opening dimensions in mm. A near equivalent in inches would be 13/16" x 1 7/16", but an opening that size would be slightly undersize.

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