Monday, March 20, 2017

Salvaging Off-Cuts

With the price of virgin material being what it is, I've found it worthwhile to go to considerable lengths to make good use of off-cuts wherever and whenever I can. By means of lamination and biscuit joinery, one can make very good use of odd bits of material. A recent example is a 'floor' I made for an open-framed dolly. Here's a view of the dolly doing its job under a saw stand.

That void in the middle of the dolly is just begging for a floor. A piece of 1/2" plywood would be ideal, but I don't have any of that on hand. What I did have on hand was --
  • A piece of 7mm firply.
  • A piece of 1/4" poplar flooring underlay plywood.
  • A length of 1"x2" clear pine.
Thickness plane the 1"x2" as required, put those items together with glue and biscuits, and you get a large enough panel, like this.

Here's a closeup view of one corner.

And now the dolly has a floor.

Not a bad outcome from six biscuits, some glue and some 'waste' material.

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