Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Closet Door Knob Revivification

I have a couple of knobs from an old pair of bedroom closet doors that are in need of some work. Here's a view of them.

Needless to say, that paint job has to go. I want the knobs to end up with a metallic, silvery colour. I have on hand some steel wheel paint that may be ideal, if the spray can still works; the spray paint can is pretty old.

Another problem is that those No. 12 x 1" fastening screws are too short. Something a little longer is needed. All I have on hand that may be suitable is some M6 x 35mm machine screws.

- - -

With a little judicious reworking of the knobs' bores, I was able to get the M6 screws to fit. The hardwood that the knobs are made from is tough enough that I was able to get it to take an adequate machine screw thread.

Paint stripper took care of the bulk of the latex paint, but the knobs needed to be sanded to paint-readiness on the lathe. A mandrel was needed. I sawed the head off an M6 screw, slotted one end of the screw and I had a rudimentary mandrel, like so.

And here we are with one of the knobs just sanded to paint-readiness.

A coat of grey primer, and two coats of steel wheel paint and I have my finished knobs.

All-in-all, not a bad recovery from the mess that the knobs were when I started.

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