Saturday, March 2, 2013

What's Inside?

"What's inside?" is my favourite question. I love knowing 'what's inside'. Had I been born many centuries earlier, I might have been one of the early anatomists of the human body -- God knows what all sort of trouble such a pursuit might have gotten me into.

As things are these days, I'm content to satisfy my curiosity about 'what's inside' with inanimate objects like laser printers and gasoline engines and electric toothbrushes. It so happens that I have an electric toothbrush that's reached retirement age. Before it's consigned to the landfill, it behooves me to see what's inside. Here goes.

Here's a view of the toothbrush's handle.

Note the notches in the white base of the thing. They suggest to me the possibility that the base might 'unscrew'. Let's see.

- - -

Nope. It turns, with accompanying crunching sounds, but it doesn't unscrew. Oh well, on with plan 'B' -- I'll saw it open. Here we are.

And here it is further dismantled.

It's quite an exquisite little piece of engineering. I look forward to seeing advertisements for courses at the DeVry Institute of Electric Toothbrush Repair.

# # #