Monday, February 25, 2013

Gloss Spray Paint Shelf Life

You'd think that something as well sealed up in its container as unused gloss spray paint would have an indefinite shelf life. That's what I thought, but nothing's ever as straightforward or simple as one might think.

I have quite a collection of spray paint cans. Some of them were bought for long-ago small paint jobs, then the cans got set aside on the spray paints shelf, sometimes for several years before being used again. When finally used again, the paints fail to deliver a 'gloss' finish. Here's an example:

[The pictured example is from this post.]

The paint is still 'good' insofar as it still sprays/colours/coats/protects the object painted, but it's not glossy -- it's more like semi-gloss or matte.

For whatever that's worth (and I know it's not worth much) be aware that an old can of gloss spray paint may not deliver glossiness.

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