Sunday, February 24, 2013

How I See Things

Ok, so what's this?

It's a slightly rusty, slightly bent steel tent peg with a blunt pointy end, obviously. What's not so obvious is what I see, near-instantaneously, when I look at it. What I see is this.

Here's how you get from one to the other. First, you hammer out the bentness on the back of the vise with a suitable hammer.

Then you clean the thing up by wire-brushing and steel-wooling and what-have-you.

Then you improve the pointy end a bit on the grinder, and touch up little dings and rough spots with a file.

You rig a way to suspend the thing for spray painting, clean it with lacquer thinner, and give it a coat of primer.

Then two coats of enamel.

And you have a tent peg that you're unlikely to leave behind at the campsite because you lost sight of it on the ground.

 # # #

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