Saturday, May 26, 2012

Refitting a Big Gate's Crossbar

We had some retaining wall work done at the back of the house, and the stonemason had to remove a crossbar from a big gate so he could get his Bobcat backhoe in. The retaining walls are done, so now I have to reinstall the crossbar unassisted. (There's also a run of downspout that I have to reattach properly.) It's a pretty safe bet that the gatepost that's not bolted to the house has leant a bit while the crossbar was missing. We'll see how this goes. Here's a view of the unemployed crossbar lying by the fence.

And here's where it has to go to get its job back

A big c-clamp provided a way to 'park' one end of the bar while I got a bolt in place at the other end.

I'll get both bolts in place at the house side, then I can see what I'm up against at this end.

- - -

That was too easy. It went back together no sweat, it closes properly and the latch-bolts still fit.

I was expecting that to be an ordeal. Some sort of reverse Murphy's Law must have been in effect; I hope it sticks around.

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