Sunday, June 25, 2017

Set-Screw Type Wire Connectors

I got a lesson the other day in the virtue of using set-screw type wire connectors in certain applications.

I had connected some stranded, tinned induction motor leads with twist-on wire nuts, and when I later went to disconnect them, one of the wire nuts had seized. Instead of unscrewing, it ended up tearing off the tinned ends of two wires, like so.

Not good. Had I used set-screw type connectors, that never would have happened.

- - -

Home Depot carries two sizes of set-screw connectors, Ideal Industries' Model 11 and Model 22.[1] I got a package of four of the medium-size Model 11 items.

Those will do fine for the motor's connections.

Nice. I won't get a repeat of the lead breakage incident with those connectors

* * *


[1] Ideal Industries lists three sizes of the connectors, models 10, 11 and 22 (small, medium and large respectively). Thomas & Betts is another manufacturer of the things that I'm aware of.

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