Monday, June 5, 2017

Ryobi RY09056 Leaf Blower Carburetor Removal

Carburetor removal on this unit is fairly straightforward.

Proceed as follows:

1) Air Cleaner/Carburetor Cover at Rear
- One tool-less wingnut.

2) Right Side Engine Cover
- Four T20 screws.

3) Tubing
- Disconnect two tubes from the carburetor's nipples.
- Outboard, slightly smaller diameter tube is primer return.
- Inboard, slightly larger diameter tube is fuel uptake.

4) Throttle Cable
- Loosen off one T20 screw securing the throttle cable guide tube. That will give the cable enough slack that it can be disconnected from the carburetor.

5) Air Cleaner Body and Carburetor
- Two 8mm A/F hex nuts.

And that gets you to here.

Note the gasket between the carburetor and the intake tube

- - -

My reason for removing the carburetor here was that the engine wouldn't run at wide open throttle; it would bog down and stall. That was evidence of main jet fuel starvation, so I dismantled the carburetor and blew out all the main jet passages. That fixed it.

How the jet got clogged is a mystery to me; the fuel supply is extremely well filtered.

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