Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weed Eater FeatherLite SST -- Zama Carburetor Removal

The carburetor is easily removed, once you know about the concealed screw.

[The following photos are of a machine that's had a fuel line modification done to it. Its external fuel lines are black and opaque; not clear like the ones the factory uses.]

Air Filter Outer Shell

This is where the concealed screw comes in. Peel back the starting instructions label a ways, and the screw is visible.

Remove the two No.2 Phillips recess screws, and the outer air filter shell; that gets you to here.

Remove the air filter element; behind it is a sheet metal support. Remove the support, noting that its convex side goes out.

There are two 55mm long screws holding the air filter's inner shell and the carburetor in place. Remove them with a 4mm hex key. Note that the upper screw has a shoulder washer and a wavy washer on it for pivoting the choke plate.

Back at the carburetor, note the locations of two tubes. Pry those off and unhook the throttle cable; the carburetor and its gasket in back are free to come off the engine.

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