Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Garden Ornament With Broken Spot Welds

It's quite a nice ornament, but it's well and truly broken. The only practicable way I can think of to repair that is with a couple of twists of wire through holes drilled in the pan on either side of the 'ring'. I have a fine hank of stainless steel wire that I inherited from my dad that will provide me with suitable wire. Here goes.

- - -

That turned out reasonably well.

The only downside is the appearance of the twisted wire ends that there's no concealing, but they're not too objectionable.

Stainless steel wire is ideal for this sort of repair because it's so tough. You can really twist it tightly without fear of breaking it. Copper and steel wire are also useful at times, but you have to be more careful about how tight a twist you make. Toward the left side of the above photo you can see where I used some 20 AWG enameled copper wire to reattach a 'bee' that broke loose. I added some CA adhesive to those two repairs to strengthen them.

Anyway, it's as done as it's going to get -- 'time to get it out where it belongs.

And there we are. That ornament won't be coming apart again.

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