Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Band Clamp Application

I bought this band clamp long ago at Princess Auto, and it sat in a drawer unused until today.

Today, a little repair job came up that put the band clamp to work to fine advantage. One of my wife's planters had a steel band rust through at one place, and this clamp was just the thing to cinch up the planter's perimeter, while I fabricated and installed a repair patch. Here's a view of the clamp on the job.

(Needless to say, the three corner braces that came with the clamp weren't needed for this.)

After using up all of the clamp's screw travel, I still wanted to cinch up the planter's perimeter more if I could, so I applied a ratchet strap lower down, tightened that, and then reset the band clamp and retightened it, like so.

That got me as satisfactory a cinch-up as I was ever likely to get, so I proceeded with the patch job, and ended up with this.

It'll do. If my wife gets two more years from that planter, she'll be happy.

Anyway, the band clamp proved to work as advertised. It's a well-thought-out, well-made tool.

- - -

Band Clamp Specs

Princess Auto Catalogue No. 8088767.

Strap Width: 15/16".

Strap Length: 10' nominal; actually almost 11', but some length is, of course, 'lost' to the clamp's mechanism.

Clamp Screw Travel: 2 1/8".

Note: For stressful applications like the one outlined above, keep the screw well oiled.

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