Sunday, June 24, 2012

Extreme Salvage

My wife asked me for a bigger replacement for the screw-eye pictured below.

That new hanging flowerpot hook doesn't fit the existing eye very well at all.

I went for a scrounge where I  keep such things, and found this bit of ancient wreckage.

The top end of that was once a threaded stud -- 1/4"-20, probably. I may be pushing my luck here, but I'll see if I can restore that to a reasonable facsimile of a screw-eye.

- - -

Here it is paint-ready.

I wire brushed it and closed up that peculiar split shank[1] with a loop of steel wire, then filled what gap remained with five-minute epoxy to seal it. There was enough left of the shank-end that I was able to cut a vestigial M6 thread on it. If I install it with two nuts and blue threadlocker, it'll hold. I'll give it a flat black paint job, leave that to harden for a week and it'll be good to go. (I'll add a photo of it on the job when I get it installed.)

- - -


All Done

Here's a photo of the finished installation.

Not too shabby at all, considering what I started with.

- - -


[1] This may have been some sort of antenna mast standoff, originally. When we first moved into this place years ago, there was a dismantled TV antenna in the attic.

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