Monday, June 4, 2018

YardWorks 4-Ton Log Splitter 060-3823-0

I've been itching to have a log splitter, and this one was on special at Canadian Tire for $200.00 off, so I got one.

The splitter comes fully assembled except for the wheels, which are installed with a couple of hitch pin clips.

There are hub caps supplied to cover the axle ends.

How It Works

The motor drives a hydraulic pump, which energizes a hydraulic ram which is what powers the splitting ram. The Instruction Manual advises you to check the hydraulic system's oil level before using the machine, and periodically afterwards.

Checking The Oil Level

There's a drain plug at one end of the hydraulic ram that incorporates a dipstick. To check the oil level, you first have to stand the machine up on its motor end.

Here's a close-up view of the drain plug; it's at about the centre of the following photograph. It takes an 8mm hex key.

The dipstick is a 10 1/4" length of 4mm diameter rod with two indicator grooves. Oil level is supposed to be between the two grooves.

It's not the easiest dip stick to read. The Instruction Manual isn't clear about it, but I imagine that the dipstick is to be fully screwed in before an oil level reading is taken.

Plugging It In

The three-conductor, 14AWG (American Wire Gauge) line cord is almost 6' long. I was fortunate in having a nicely situated outlet that saves me needing an extension cord. The Instruction manual advises that any extension cord should be 12 AWG, and no longer than 10 metres (32.8 feet)

Loosening The Bleed Screw

At the same end of the ram as the drain-plug/dipstick, there's a wingnut affair.

That's the bleed screw. I don't understand how it works or what it does, but the Instruction Manual is adamant that it must be loosened off three turns before the splitter is operated.


You have to use both hands -- one to work the hydraulics enabling lever, and one to press and hold the green ON button. Lay one end of a log up against the wedge and start the machine up. The ram will travel to the free end of the log and do its work. The instant that the wood splits, release the button and lever. The ram will return to its 'home' position.

In Conclusion

I'm impressed by and delighted with the splitter. It works as advertised. Nothing I've given it has fazed it. When the ram meets the wood, the wood is going to split, and that's all there is to it.

I don't heat with wood. I have a small woodshed, and what you might call an 'amusement' fireplace, so this splitter will be more than adequate for my purposes. It might even be adequate if I did heat with wood, it's that capable a machine.

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