Sunday, July 16, 2017

Brightening Up A Drab Dragonly

In nature, dragonflies are quite the colourful little creatures. This dragonfly garden ornament is anything but.

It's just begging for a paint job

Dragonflies have always struck me as having an almost metallic quality to their colours. I found a picture of a dragonfly that's a good example here.

I checked out the colours in Canadian Tire's rack of spray paints, and didn't find anything close. Then it dawned on me that the automotive touch-up paints might be the place to look. My wife and I looked those over together, and we found a colour called Brite Teal[1] that looked like it would do nicely. Here's how that turned out.

Not bad. (That's one coat of grey primer, with two coats of Dupli-Color's Brite Teal.) The eyes ought to be black, though. That's the missing finishing touch. I must attend to that.

Eyes Painted

Here we are with the dragonfly's eyes painted with Tremclad gloss black.

Much better. That detail brings the fly to life.

The Other Dragonfly

Our garden has one other dragonfly. It's a big one, with a wingspan of about one metre.

The fly is about the same colour as the tree trunk that it's perched on. I should have enough paint left to give that fly the same treatment as the smaller fly got.

- - -

And voila.

Now that's a dragonfly if ever there was one.

* * *


[1] Label reads: "CBGM0546 Brite Teal. Canadian Tire P/N 047-2420-8.

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