Friday, July 29, 2016

Material Is Where You Find It

A house painting outfit came by a while ago and asked my wife if they could plant a promotional sign on our front lawn. They were doing that all over the neighbourhood. My wife let them, and the sign stayed for days. The painting outfit never came back to retrieve the sign, and I finally pulled it up and stashed it under the carport. Today it occurred to me to dispose of the thing. Here's a view of the sign.

It's a 32" x 20" plastic sleeve affair draped over a skinny steel rod frame. Take away the plastic sign and here's what's left.

About 90 linear inches of 4.5mm diameter steel rod (about 23/128" -- just shy of 3/16").[1]

It's a bit of an odd diameter, but I might find use for it for something-or-other. The price was certainly right.

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[1] It's undersize for threading 10-24 or 10-32, though I've half a mind to try it and see if I still get a useable result.

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