Monday, January 5, 2015

A Wood Turning Screw Centre

I had need of a screw centre for turning some lids for glass vessels, and discovered that screw centres are about as common as hens' teeth. You're pretty much left with little choice but to fabricate a screw centre when one is needed.

I leafed through a booklet I have in my library, "American Woodworker's Best Jigs and Techniques for Precision Woodworking", by Rodale Press, Inc. and found this plan.

I made up a centre very similar to the one in the booklet. It turned out reasonably well. Here it is mounted on the lathe's spindle nose.

And here it is with a workpiece mounted on it and almost done.

The centre's precision is not perfect, the screw emerges at a very slight angle to the axis, but for my purpose here it's acceptable.

So, there's one less thing to have to go shopping for when it's needed.

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