Friday, October 4, 2013

A Light Switch Failure -- Or -- Some Things Just Aren't Repairable

I had a light bulb socket with a built-in push-button switch become troublesome, so I took the thing apart to see what the problem was. Here's a view of the switch's innards in the 'off' position.

The spring-loaded contact-closure bar is flipped over to the right, well away from the two curved springy contacts; the switch is 'open'.

And here's a view of the 'on' position.

The contact-closure bar is flipped over to the left, where it's firmly shorting the two springy contacts together; the switch is 'closed'.

The mechanism is working as it should, but there's a problem that the above two photos don't reveal. The lower one of the two springy contacts is quite worn out, like so.

(My camera is barely capable of getting a grip on an object so tiny. The above is the best I could do.)

The contact has been impacted by the closure bar so often that a notch has been worn clear through it. The switch is finished.

So, it's off to the landfill for this switch. Some things just aren't repairable.

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