Saturday, July 27, 2013

A De-Laminated Pot Handle Insulator

The two insulator halves are undamaged, it's just that the factory's adhesive took early retirement.

I'm tempted to use CA adhesive for this repair, that would be quick and easy, but CA adhesive is not all that heat resistant.

A better choice might be Permatex Ultra Grey gasket maker. That stuff will be up to the job for certain.

- - -

Here are the parts ready for reassembly.

And here's the insulator gently clamped up for the Permatex to cure overnight.

That should be a good, permanent repair.

* * *

Not Quite -- FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2014

The repair lasted for over a year, then gave up the ghost.

What's obvious to me now is that the Permatex gasket maker doesn't truly adhere to the plastic -- it peels away quite readily.

I suspect that the plastic is of the sort that nothing will truly adhere to.


I'll re-glue the insulator halves using CA adhesive this time, and see how that holds up. If that fails, I'll be left with no choice other than to install through-fasteners. That will give me a permanent, albeit inelegant, repair.

- - -

Here it is glued and clamped up again.

I'll give that twenty-four hours for the glue to cure, then I can return the pot to service and see how long this repair lasts.

# # #

# # #